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Everything starts from a dot.

ONEDOT CREATIVE CONTENT is a multidisciplinary creative hub specialized in audiovisual, marketing, design and branding with the main objective to boost and increase the visibility on digital plataforms with influencer marketing and brand positioning through a quality branded content interacting directly with the target audience in an innovative impactful and efficient way.



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Boost your business with quality audiovisual content creation.

​Vídeo Shooting

Film production to boost your business on social media.

Photo Shooting

Photo shooting to convey the image you need in your brand.

Design & Branding

A specialised team for design & branding and marketing strategies for your brand.


As a creative collective, we have professionals specialized in different areas and in different cities.

Currently based in São Paulo and Lisbon on key european cities as Barcelona and Paris.


Join ONEDOT's visual journey. We are ready to create the perfect content to increase your brand visibility!


Let us make your business grow?!

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Get more information and solutions on how we can help your business with our creative solutions.

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ONEDOT's name comes from “Everything Starts From a Dot" quote by Wassily Kandinsky.

It represents the union of the number ‘1’ and the ‘dot’, symbolizing unity, uniqueness and creative power.


The number ‘1’ is associated with leadership and strength, while the ‘dot’, according to Kandinsky, is the creative seed from which lines, shapes and colors emerge, the starting point for all

artistic creation.


Together, these concepts make up our branding, emphasizing that every creative process can start from a single dot, leading to complex and meaningful artistic achievements.


ONEDOT personifies the strength of joint work and the originality of creative contents, making them independent and unique.


Good ideas starts from a good connection!

Get more information and solutions on how we can help your business with our creative solutions.

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Each project is treated as unique, when we invoke the best professionals and adequate setup to create a proposal the size of your need.


1 + 1 = 1


Art Executive & Director

Marketing and Branding. Direction and Production

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With more than 20 years of career in communication and design, Ales Lima is the founding partner of the collective creative hub ONEDOT.

Studied Communication and Multimedia at PUC/SP, graduated in Graphic Design from FATEC/Drummond in Brazil, with an exchange in Liverpool/UK and specialized in Branding and Creative Advertising from the European University in Portugal.


His long professional career highlights almost a decade at Lacoste Brasil as Graphic Designer, Trade Marketing Coordinator and Head Of Marketing, which covered several areas such as Digital Marketing, PR Events, Communication, Branding and Art Direction. He was a teacher of Graphic Design at IDB / SENAI and creative at Centro Universitário SENAC in SP.


He was also co-owner of the Brazilian sustainable fashion brand VIHE and creator of the DOT brand of graphic solutions for decoration and interior design.


As Executive and Art Director, he offers his expertise in Branding & Design Marketing and Music Branding for different institutional and personal brands. He is currently based in Lisbon Portugal - Europe.


Creative Director & Filmmaker

Video and Photo. Direction and Edition

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João is a multi talented creative force encompassing roles as a Filmmaker Photographer and Digital Content Creator. 


As the Creative Director his touch shapes a diverse array of projects and he leads a team of audiovisual experts within the collective. Beyond this he mentors emerging talents at the ONEDOT Academy and lends his filmmaking prowess to international DJ Alok's support team. 


Within ONEDOT he's mission is to elevate content creation prioritizing quality innovation and technology. His endless creativity and captivating imagery have solidified his reputation as a exponential figure in today's creative sphere.


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BR +55 11 956789713 | PT +351 914052277

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